Buyer beware…

“Buyer Beware” is a saying that has new meaning to me now, let me tell you a story…

Hello! I’m sure you’ve heard a version of events that makes it look like I’m stealing. I’m not.

Let’s go over what I got, and what I paid for, and why exactly I disputed the charge with the credit card company.

On April 2nd I bought the ‘Book Launch Boost service’ from for 250$. What was supposed to be included?

50 verified reviews

Multi-step Author Platform review

5 Marketing mockups


I was pretty excited about this purchase. I was launching my latest book and wanted to get it out there.

Before purchased I had been in twitter DM contact with Erin Kirchner, aka BookmarketingDiva and had asked a few questions. One of the main was how did this not violate Amazon TOS as Amazon can be highly touchy about this.

I was told this:

You would change the price to $.99 for 2 weeks for our purchasers. If you’re unable to change price then we allocate $50 towards verified and make the rest unverified.


We don’t violate TOS because we are hiring readers that purchase your book directly and are not affiliated with you.

Flag this message Delete this message


They get a gift certificate from us only after a review has been completed and posted.

Mar 16


There’s s big difference in buying reviews which Amazon depicts as “review farms” – same individuals owning all the accounts – and what we do.

Mar 16


Compensation would mean that we actually make money which we don’t. It’s an in and out transaction.


Let’s keep that in mind shall we?

So I purchased… And then was told it would be three weeks due to ‘high demand’ before they got started… Ok, not super happy but ok. A few days later I got an email from a asking for the book title. I had been pretty sure I had given it, but gave it again. It was a nice normal conversation.

I’ll be honest, I was impatient. I emailed them a week later asking if the wait was still three weeks. I was trying to get a firm launch date as I was having the audiobook made and wanted to try and coordinate the release of the audiobook with the upcoming reviews, which if you’re a writer makes sense.

I got back a response, a bit curt saying yes, but they wouldn’t’ actually give me a firm start date, just ‘at the earliest the 25th’ which was a bit after three weeks truthfully, but I jotted down that date.

The 25th of April came and went, and still nothing.

I wrote another email (still polite, just asking for information. I’ve paid them at this point, right? I’m a client, I’d think an actual professional would know that…but I digress.) Asking when it would start. I had expected the 25th, and honestly had overlooked the ‘at the earliest’ part of that email when I had jotted down the date. I got a even more curt email in response stating it was all an estimate, and they’d let me know when they started.

So then… The 29th came around, and I got an email saying they started! Yay!


Something weird happened.

I got this spike of ‘sales’ on the following Sunday… 26 sales, but I got no credit for them. Really strange. Amazon has been known however to lag on things, so I waited… And watched. Looked for reviews… waited and watched. Days pass. No reviews, and no money. I did email Erin asking how the sales had been done, as it wasn’t acting like a normal sale, and she did write back, but it was a non-reply as in she didn’t answer the question. Mostly she just told me that book rankings on Amazon don’t matter. So I wrote Amazon an email asking about the sales.

Lo and behold I got a response back, they were gift purchases. Wait, what?

If you remember the conversation above you will note that I was told that only after the reviewers purchase and POST a review are they reimbursed, and that’s clearly not what’s going on. So I emailed them again, the Leah/Erin team, and was told nothing. Nothing as in they didn’t respond.

At this point I get curious… I start looking into Leah Hart and Erin Kirchner.

1) Leah claims to be an author with lots of books for sale

2) Erin claims, nothing.

So I go looking, and see that Leah Hart while she claims to have a great many books for sale, in fact has a handful, several very poorly reviewed, and hardly any overall. And in fact at least based on her website, all these books she’s launched.. I can’t find evidence of them really existing anymore (if they ever did.)

The picture she uses for media, is the back of a head, that’s not her. It’s a prom hair picture from 2015. As in ‘Look at these great options of awesome hair at prom!’ click bait picture. Google image search is a great thing. So I do a bit of digging on the websites themselves, websites registered to a law office in LA? The phone numbers are all disconnected (and in Arizona.) Curiouser and curiouser.

So at this point I just ask where Leah’s books are as I was interested in one (I actually was.) I got no response again. See a pattern?

A few more days pass, and I write them again, asking where the mockups and platform review were.


The one day (with no other communication) I get an email with a drop box! My mockups! I was happy to get something, and thought “Maybe I’m just being paranoid, it should be fine.”


I really liked the mockups, and mentioned so to another author. Lo and Behold, I discovered they were totally free templates. Hmmm. Then Leah posts a periscope with her doing my mockups, and it took her all of 11 minutes. Note, her laptop is a very old MacBook, missing keys, this is important.

So the mockups cost her 11 minutes of time, and nothing for the templates. Not exactly overly professional, but ok. Not worth 250$. To date this is the ONLY thing I’ve ever gotten from them.

Then she (Leah) posts a supposed screen capture from createspace showing her with a monthly royalty of 72 grand. Yes, 72 grand. Remember what I said about the laptop.. and on top of it, it’s a bad photochop.


(all rights to this image are via @leahhart

Doesn’t add up does it?


So I talk to a few other ‘clients’ of theirs, and find out people before me have been asking the same questions, and still, not gotten answers. Those who have gotten their platform reviews aren’t for the most part happy with them (seems to be a bunch of questions asked in variations with the same answers over and over.. basically Hire Creativwriter to do this for you.)

The mockups were done with free templates and took 11 minutes.

And people have been waiting much longer than I for reviews, and still haven’t gotten them.

What takes the cake (as I’m seeing, and expected.) is that if you want off this, if you question, you get publicly attacked. Which also is so very professional of them.


I don’t believe Leah is a real person truthfully.. I believe she is an alias, a pen name. I lean towards the idea that Erin isn’t real either. There’s also a Kendall Sparks name, that’s an alias. I am pretty much sure the real person is Stacey Keene. No I don’t have hard proof, just suspicions, with some circumstantial evidence. I’m working on fleshing this out.

I have sent them an email offering to pay 50$ however. 25 for the mock-ups, and 25 for the fake gift purchases.. I’ll update when they respond.. if they do 🙂

Bridgefinders Cover

Bridgefinders updates


Bridgefinders updates

Bridgefinders has been out for a little over a month now, so I wanted to do an update post on where everything is with the first book in the Echo Worlds series. It’s been an interesting road so far, learned a HUGE amount from the release of this book, stuff I’ll keep using and doing moving forward.

So far Bridgefinders has been an ‘OK’ (for me) seller. Not that I got into writing to make money, I actually enjoy just making up and telling the stories, but hey, some financial reward is nice, right? I say it’s been an ‘OK’ seller as it’s sold more than my other books, that that’s not saying much. *grin*

  1. Marketing is a pain. Everyone said it was.. and you know, they are right. Figuring out what works for YOU is hard. Period. The key word there is YOU. Some writers are better at You Tube and Periscope than others. Some are masters of the blog and Facebook, some have large budgets to blow on advertising and know how to craft a great hook. I’m learning in this area. I do have, thanks to the very talented @creativ_writer team some very nice marketing mock-ups, just don’t know where to use them! (One is at the top of this post.)
  2. Reviews are still hard to come by. I’ve gotten 6 reviews so far on Bridgefinders, I’m still hunting for more.
  3. Audio books are cool. For the first time I had a book made into an audio book via While the process was long, I’m happy with it. I know the audio book is on Amazon and Audible, not sure if it’s on iTunes yet, anyone care to check and let me know? 😀
  4. I need to be more patient. (Badly.)


I’m working away on the sequel to Bridgefinders, tentatively titled ‘Bridgebreaker’ at the time I’m writing this. The story has taken an interesting twist, one I didn’t see coming. Remember I’m a ‘Gardener’ I don’t outline really. I plant the idea and just let it go where it takes me. Which I know sounds kind of weird, but that’s how I do it. As a result it’s taken me to a very interesting place.

As far as feedback on Bridgefinders goes.. some good, some bad.

It seems the biggest complaint is that the book is ‘too straightforward’ that there isn’t an emotional connection with the characters. Point taken, maybe I should have fleshed out the cast a bit more. For those who feel that way, I think you’ll be happy with the second book. I once told someone I was approaching this series with a ‘Star Wars’ mentality. Meaning, the first book was straightforward good guys win kinda thing. The second book is more complex, more conflict, you learn a great deal more about who these people are. We will see where it goes after this one is done. I don’t have a timeline for when it will be finished, I’m just writing it and moving forward day by day. I will say my goal is to put out 2-3 books a year. So Bridgebreaker will come out before the end of the year, but when exactly is unknown.

So that’s where things sit at the moment.



scammers, liers, and cheats

Scammers, Liers, and Cheats

Scammers, Liers and Cheats. (Oh my!)

So you’ve written your book. Your proud of it. Really. You love it. You think other’s will love it to. Or at least like it. You shelled out money for a real edit, a well made cover, etc.  You’ve got a blog but no one really visits it. Your on twitter, but.. eh,  you don’t really see much there but a bunch of other authors yelling, hoping for attention. You’ve done Facebook, but really only family or friends ‘like’ your page.

You even tried You Tube (and you don’t like that sort of thing) and no one watches.

Sound familiar?

You dear reader are ripe. Ripe for exploitation from scammers, liers and cheats. Those who are grifters onto the indie publishing world. Those who, knowing that the vast majority of self pubbed authors are introverted, don’t like putting themselves ‘out there’ and aren’t salespeople.  A large group of people who are chasing a dream, who want something more, who dream of doing this for a living.

These scammers, liers and cheats exist for one reason, to make money off you. They promise the world, or at least a leg up over everyone else. The good ones are careful not to promise anything, but to say things that are always crouched in a small modifier.


“This should give you far more visibility to your readers!”

Note the should? The fact is they don’t know. Nor do they care. You paid up already right? Now they are doing the minimum they can, just enough to be able to prove they ‘tried’ but the market just wasn’t there.

How do you spot these people though?

  1. Pictures. If they are using pictures that aren’t them, pictures that don’t show their face, it’s a warning sign. Easy way to check. Google Chrome (the web browser) you can right click a picture and ‘search google for this image’ if you come up with a ton of hits and the picture is used for a lot of other things.. warning sign.
  2. Lack of verifiable testimonials. If they are as awesome as they claim, why don’t they have real testimonials? Where are the authors who have used their service? Why won’t they give names or have references?  Warning Sign again!
  3. They say things like “As an author myself I know what works..” But yet if you go look them up on Amazon, they don’t have any books for sale! Or they have a few, with no reviews and insanely low sales ranks. If they are so awesomely good, why can’t they juice their own sales? Warning Sign!
  4. They won’t give real dates for anything. They don’t have deadlines, and they say ‘soon, or hopefully soon’ you ask for a real date and they say one, but always followed by a ‘maybe.’ Warning Sign!

The fact is that this stuff is super common, it’s a market ripe for exploitation. Don’t be a victim!

Now are there legitimate businesses out there?

Of course! The real ones are upfront about who they are. They have references, if you ask questions they don’t get defensive and angry, and they follow through.

No one and I mean NO ONE can guarantee that your book will sell. It sucks, but it’s true. We all want that sale, and want to be known as an author, a writer. To make a living at it. It’s flipping hard though, and it’s harder when people like that exist.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Marketing Gears

Marketing Busts

Marketing Busts, 101 class.

So back when I launched Bridgefinders  at the beginning of the month I had a post about what kinds of marketing I was going to do for it. You can read that post here.

So it’s been a few weeks, and I’m here to give a preliminary report on how things are going and if things were worth it.

Marketing is hard. I’m not a natural salesman, and a bit introverted overall. I don’t go out and sell.. well. Marketing things seems overly complicated, and messy mesh of things, hence the gears image.

But here we go with my early, preliminary report.

  1. Facebook ads – Not worth it, at least for now. Low click through rates. On top of it, the service I mentioned, authorRise, went under literally a day before I launched the book, so I had to do it on my own, and that didn’t go super well. Maybe when I have more reviews (more on that later) I’ll try again. Maybe.
  2. theBookPromoter – Well they are doing what they said, tons of tweets about the book. Tons. I can’t however realistically say however that I’m getting many or any sales out of it. But they are promoting it. Worth the cost? Dunno, jury is out.
  3. Targeted traffic – Total bust. Haven’t gotten nearly the volume of reviews I needed to for this to help at all.
  4. Picking the right genres – This actually worked. Now what I picked were kind of niche, but I’m in the top ten on two different kindle keywords. Just that those keywords aren’t high volume. But this is still progress, so I rate this one a yes!
  5. Bookmarks – Jury is out. I have them, but I had this idea for a bookmark exchange. Meaning you send me some bookmarks I’ll send you some of mine and distribute in different towns and cities, but no interest. Well that’s not totally true.. I have heard interest but no one actually wanting to you know, do it. *frustration*


One thing I didn’t mention, I did an Amazon giveaway, and it got me 500 followers of my Amazon author page, which hopefully is helpful.  We shall see. 🙂

Reviews: I’ve harped on it, and will continue, but reviews count for a hella lot. Getting enough reviews to really show people like what you’ve done and created is to be honest, hard. It’s why I think the Facebook ads were a bust, and why I won’t even mess with Amazon ads. Until i get more reviews, it’s not worth the headache.

But there you go, prelim report, and sadly not an overly great one. Going to think on it some more, and see what else I can come up with.

vlog 2

Vlog 2 is up, all new and exciting (well maybe)

Vlog  2 is up! So I said I was going to do it, and finally did. New You Tube Vlog is up .. this time about quarterly goals for April/May and June.



Hope you enjoy, follow, share, make fun of, laugh, and generally get engaged.

I’ll be creating another post later this week on marketing, and what worked for me on Bridgefinders, and what did not. (More did not than did, but we will get there.) Marketing is one of those things that I like most ‘indie’ authors have a bit of a hard time with. Hopefully my experiences can help. Look for that blog post Thursday/Friday time frame.



What's going on?


So finally.. Bridgefinders is out.. for sale, ready, done.. finis. Whhhoohoo. I’m really proud of Bridgefinders, I truly believe that it’s my strongest story yet, which makes me pretty happy. The eBook is out now, the paperback is coming out the next day or so, hopefully Amazon will get them linked correctly, otherwise I’ll have to jump through that hoop. For those who don’t know, if you have your book out on Amazon as an eBook, and you add a Paperback version via Createspace (an Amazon Company) they don’t *always* seem to link them, meaning there’s a totally seperate page for the paperback version and the eBook version. Then you have to get Amazon to link them, which can take a few days.

But anyways..and also for the first time, I’m working on getting Bridgefinders made into an audiobook through ACX (Also an Amazon company) that if all works, will mean the Audiobook will be on Amazon, audible and iTunes. This is new territory for me, so we will see how that manages to go.

Now that the book is actually for sale, all the Marketing plans are being put into motion, including a new one I had briefly mentioned before. There will be a follow up post on that, but I think that’s it’s a decent idea, and the other self published authors I’ve talked to about it have liked the idea.

For now Bridgefinders is for sale for *ONLY* 99 cents. Trying to drive early support and reviews to it now, hopefully that works. The price will go up to 2.99 at some point after the first month.

But for now, I’m really happy with the work, and how well it all turned out.

Upcoming: The marketing idea, and FINALLY finishing the keyboard review. I’m writing on the mechanical keyboard right now, still liking it…a lot.

Busy times

Bridgefinders cover and Marketing.



Cover time and Marketing! I’ve release this on Facebook and Twitter, but hadn’t done it here on the blog yet, which in retrospect, I should have done it here first, and then on twitter and Facebook. Drive more traffic here, right? Next time!

Anyways, I’m really happy with this cover. The creator of the cover is the talented @authorsahunt. Very easy to work with, asked the right questions. Highly recommend, and I will be working with him again for the sequel (in progress!) for Bridgefinders. I’ve got about a week left till I get my manuscript back from the editor, the also talented @brianawrites. She’s finishing up copy edits, and she wanted to format it as well, so more’s the power to her on that! 🙂

Which leads me to the next subject, something I’ve not taken overly seriously until now, marketing.

See, like a lot of folks who write, I have some issues with putting myself out there and flogging the book. While I used to do a lot of theater (had a very nice scholarship for it back in the day.) I’ve gotten away from that over the years, and found myself somewhat uncomfortable with selling. I like to sell my books, don’t get me wrong, the money is nice as a reward for the work. However like other’s who came into this over the years, I seemed to suffer from the common delusion that writing was easy and once I got it done I’d just put it for sale and then make money.

This, however, is grade ‘A’ total fantasy.

  1. Writing is harder than it looks.
  2. Marketing your books is totally 110% necessary if you actual want to sell any of them at any volume.

Now, if your writing and just putting them out there for family and some friends to buy, great! Have a wonderful time doing so, but don’t really plan on getting any real money out of it. Yes, there is I guess some slight slim chance you’ll get ‘discovered’ and do well. But the odds, frankly, are against it. You’ve got to try to push the book. So this time I’m going out of my way to do so. And yes, that means I may have to spend $$ to make $$$.

So what you ask am I doing?

  1. Facebook ads. Yes, really. The fact is, Facebook will let you target your ads in certain places. But I’m not all that good at that. So I’ll be using a service I already had to help get those ads out.The service is authorRise. authorRise has a neat tool that allows you to make free “book flyers” for your book to share on twitter and other social media sites. They also offer targeted Facebook ads to help drive sales, so I’m going to try it. The cost is minimal but there is a cost.
  2. theBookPromoter. Another book marketing service. Also costs (but again, not breaking the bank, and has a money back guarantee. So there’s that. Includes twitter traffic, mailing the book to a list of book reviewers, and more.
  3. Targeted traffic for the first two weeks of sale. This means quite simply, I’m flogging the book for the first two weeks at a discounted rate (.99 cents vs 2.99) and calling in every favor I can to get family and friends to buy the book and review it. The goal, to get on Amazon’s ‘Hot and New’ list for my genres. Going to try at least. Doing so gets you a TON of exposure.
  4. Picking the RIGHT genres. I’ve been working out exactly which lists or area’s I’m going to place the book in. I think I have a good plan now but I’m going to leave this one a surprise.. for now 😉
  5. Bookmarks. wait, what? Yeah Bookmarks. You can get them cheap off Vistaprint, some alluring cover art, a QR code that links to the book on Amazon (going through an affiliate sales link to boot.) Leaving some at libraries, bookstores, coffee shops. I’ve also seen people offering to leave bookmarks out places if authors will send them some. I’m down with that. (Idea: Twice a year bookmark sharing hashtag, authors send bookmarks to each other to be placed where they live. Hmm…..)

I’m really proud of this book honestly. It was born out of a bunch of idea’s I had jotted down over a few years that I hadn’t been able to make work on their own. I had been working on a different book that is still unfinished (It wasn’t very good, and still isn’t.) when the idea for combining some of these things came to me. I actually blasted through the first draft in a month and a week, which is pretty damn fast for me. Revision, editing, and cover stuff has taken almost twice as long as writing the first draft. But I’m forcing myself to take my TIME this time around and not rushing it. Hard for me, but working on it!

So in the same way I reported on my free book promo, I’ll report on my marketing efforts about a month after launch. I’m expecting book launch to be the first week in April, which means the end of April for a follow up post.. I’ll keep you updated!


And remember, join the blog and POST if you want to make comments 😉



Free Book Experiment :Results

So as promised, here’s the results from the ‘Free Book Experiment.” I posted about last week. As I said I had kept reading about how you should do a free book promo to get traffic, reviews, and ultimately, drive some sales. I used one of my older books, Project:Perception and using the Amazon author portal, made it free for 4 days. The results were in fact a bit better than expected, but not any sort of major breakthrough.

  1. The first day I had a major spike in downloads of the book. This is pretty normal for the first day on any free promotion. I’m not clear on how Amazon markets this, but I hit 600 downloads, 634 to be exact on the first day. But then as normal, the second, third, and fourth day dropped a lot. 211, 63, and 51 respectively. This is also pretty normal, the spike and tapering off of downloads. The nice thing is that your book gets a lot more visible, but only while the free promo is going on.  Once the promo is over, your book vanishes from the free list and back to whatever it was ranked before.
  2. One unexpected thing was a download or two via Kindle Unlimited. This is still free, but I get paid based on the number of pages read. Tiny money, but still, money. I say unexpected because I hadn’t had that happen before.
  3. I got one review, but a 3 star out of 5. So it was so-so to them. But still, nice to have. (I’ve mentioned before, reviews are gold.)
  4. I got one actual sale of the book after the promo ended. One.

So was it worth it?

Not sure. Now I didn’t do this “Free Book Experiment” the way most do. Usually this is planned out more, you submit your free promo to mailing lists, promote it on social media, and flog the hell out of it. I didn’t do any of that. I simply made it free, posted it once or twice on twitter, and mentioned it on my blog (which auto-posts on twitter, and I made a Facebook post for it.) So I really didn’t market it at all. Would the results have been better? Quite possibly. If you can get it mentioned on some of the larger eBook mailing lists I’ve seen reliable accounts of getting 20-30K downloads in a single day.

So all in all I’d say this has been a mostly useful exercise. I got a review, made a tiny amount of cash, and really didn’t do any work for it. (Well outside of writing the book in the first place.)

Upcoming: *finishing that keyboard review*, Cover reveal for Bridgefinders (much rejoicing.) and the release of Bridgefinders, currently looking like the first week in April.


The Free Book Experiment

So I always saw and still see posts or guides that say ‘run a free book promotion, then when it runs out you’ll get sales!’ to be honest I’ve always been highly skeptical of this idea. Why would running a free book experiment give me sales? When it’s over, it’s over, and who wants to buy the book now? On top of it, my books that are in Kindle Unlimited don’t get checked out, and they are free, right?

But, in between writing the next book in the Echo Worlds series and working with my editor (@brianawrites)  AND finally finding a cover artist for Bridgefinders, I’ve decided to try this.

I have picked the book Project:Perception for the ‘free’ promo. I chose this book for two main reasons, one, I think it’s the better of the two on Amazon Select. CANITUS while I think is a good story is honestly a mess. Someday I may pull it and get it edited by an actual editor, but I’m not proud of the work there. And secondly, Perception is a combination of two stories that while for sale separately, aren’t on Amazon select. You can actually find the two stories that make up the bulk of Project: Perception on Smashwords, and whomever else they provide it to. (Note: no one reads it there either *heh*)

So the ‘Free Book Experiment’ will run from today through Saturday. A nice long couple of days, then post Saturday I’ll see if there are any actual sales of the book. Or any of the other books for that matter. I don’t think there will be honestly, as I’ve played around with free books and not noticed anything worth mentioning. But I’m going to really pay attention this time and see what happens.

The one thing I will say is that since the book went free at Midnight last night….

No one downloaded it until around 6:30 am today EST. And now, as I write this at 12:16 PM EST, I’ve had…176! Downloads of the book. Which honestly, is far more than the last time I did one of these. Of course I look at those numbers, and think oh man, if only I could get that many at $2.99, my cut would be 2.09 so that would get me…(Runs to find a calculator) 367.84$ Which is more than I’ve ever made selling books on Amazon. It’s both amusing and sad to see something you write jump up the charts, but only because you made it free for a few days. I’ll update the blog next week, the time to report back if there were actual actual sales that I can track back to the free book experiment.


On other news: Still working on the next vlog, honestly I’ve just been busy with stuff, it WILL get out this week. As I mentioned above I found a cover artist, and I’ll do a reveal once I get to that point. My editor sent me change suggestions last week, and I processed through all of them in two days. This is not overly odd for me, I want this book out. I’m really really happy with this book, and I hope you all are to.


Working on Second Draft

So I got my first draft back from my editor (the ever talented Briana Morgan) and lo and behold, she liked it! Always good when your editor likes your work! 🙂 But in all seriousness, I’m really pleased with this book. So far all my Beta’s have liked it, my Alpha’s liked it. And now the editor likes it. So yeah, I’m pretty happy with that.  The Second draft reads really well, taking in all their suggestions.

That’s not to say it doesn’t need tightening up and tweaking. I’m really forcing myself to take my time on this second draft, making sure all the details work, things match up, timelines are tight, etc. I honestly fight myself daily not to publish it like now, I want it out there for people to read, right? But I remind myself when I get that way that I rushed CANITUS. It needed work, tightening, cleaning up, and It didn’t get that time to fully mature. And it paid the price by not really being anything to write home about.

Bridgefinders is the first book in a series though, and I want it to shine. While I’ve already started the second book, I’ve stepped away from that draft while I polish this one. Once I’ve got this one released, I’ll return to the second book, never fear. Besides all this work with polishing the draft, I’m also still working on cover idea’s and looking hard for a good cover that isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg. I’m not a graphic artist, so making a cover myself probably isn’t in the cards. Sure I’m a computer guy, but the skill (and patience) for digital art is a bit beyond me.

I’ve also been gently reminding people on Facebook and other mediums, that if they buy or ‘check out’ the book on Amazon, to PLEASE leave a review. I don’t think people really understand how insanely important reviews are to self-pubbed authors, and how much they matter to how Amazon handles your book. Get enough reviews and Amazon basically starts marketing your book for you, which is insanely helpful. So I’m working out a strategy to get as much traffic to the book as quickly as I can right off the bat. I want to get on that ‘Hot and New’ list from them, and go from there.

Also, please if you want to know more about the books, and other things I’m involved in here, please consider joining the site as a member. That will help me build an email list, and continue to help me market the books.

Enough about that though (Marketing was never my forte.) After this second draft is gone through, it goes back to the editor for a good full copy edit and formatting. Then it’s cover time, publish time, and marketing time. I look forward to it!