So I got interviewed for a small but active book reviewer site. Which was pretty damn cool honestly. Linkage:


On the writing front: Still using dictation and making good progress. Though the formatting bits leave something to be desired, and I find myself typing dialogue still. So it’s hybridizing a bit. But still progress is progress. I’m still on track to by the end of the month to have the rough draft done of CANITUS. Then need to rewrite, edit, clean up, etc. etc. Then Covers, etc etc. I HOPE to have all that done by the end of February.

I’m also thinking about offering paper copies via Createspace of CANITUS, and if it goes well go back and offer one on Project: Perception. We shall see. I just want to get CANITUS done. I think I’ll work on Forgemaster after that, then the next book in the Perception Series.  Looks to be  busy year!


Damn I’m a slacker

Ok ok.. I haven’t updated this as I said I would.

My excuses:

1) Work stuff. – My day job got really really busy, and I ended up doing a lot of work from home at night to get stuff done. I’m only partially out of the woods now, but seeing the other end.

2) Sickness – The flu hit our family hard, and I mean hard. My daughter got the flu mist (live vaccine) and came down with the flu.. pretty hard. I got it from her, and then my son got it from me. My wife, didn’t get it at all. I can’t write worth a damn when I’m sick. Still not 100% there either, but better.

3) Podcasting – I’m finding myself nervous about podcasting, I don’t know what to say LOL

4) Lack of progress on the book – Even more annoying, I’m pretty far behind on CANITUS. The same issues as above, and because of that I’m out of the writing ‘habit’ now.


So, I’m going to have to do the timer thing again.. get the groove back. This time I won’t promise anything, I’ll just say I’ll try my damn best.


Writing Books

So I’ve not updated the blog as of late. A few reasons why:


1) The Day job has been crazy busy. To many projects, lots of paperwork, lots of running around. Keeping track of what everyone wants and needs is getting headache inducing. Add the fact that they want it *now* with very little warning or headway, and it’s a pain at times.

2) Writing. I finished the second book! Whoot! I’ll be putting a link up to it on the Books page, but I finished it, and it’s up on Amazon!

3) I did the joined book or the two parts! Whoot! It will also be on the books page!

Family vacations have been going on as well.. just busy.

Also, the “combined” book is on Smashwords as well. Trying that as an experiment. I’m even trying the  “set your own price” thing. Which so far has gotten me 8 downloads.. all for free :/

But it’s still readers, right?

But I’ll get back to more regular updates now.

Also, starting rewriting and moving back to a fantasy novel I didn’t finish. I want it done!

Now, all is correct eBook wise

So, I’ve fixed the eBook on Amazon. All is working and good to go. Finally have the correct version up, with the right edits. Still kicking myself for that one. Also, I’ve “announced” via my personal facebook page and my ye old twitter account (that I have barely ever used) that I’ve done this and taken this step.

So, I’ve heard of, but not seen, sites out there that you can submit a story to for review? For free, honest upfront reviews.. Can anyone point me in that direction? It’s a short story, a pretty easy read over all. But all feedback is good feedback, (and least I hope so.) I’d really like to get eyes on.

I’ve had some family and friends either get the book, or say they will be “soon” but I’d love other feedback, as much as possible. So if anyone has a site to share for review services (not pay for review, I don’t play that game.) Let me know.

Oh Joy..How my lack of patience got the better of me.

So yeah..I published today! Yay!

Then realized, I published the wrong damn version of the story 🙁 *smacks self on the back of the head*

I published the version without the title page, dedication or chapters. Also missing were a few minor edits, and one glaring continuity error.

Moral of the Story:

It’s all well and good to be excited about doing something, but take the time to make sure your doing it right, ya know? Now I have to wait for the book to finish being “published” then I have to unpublish, and then REPUBLISH (If I am understanding Amazon’s processes correctly.) There goes my planned “big reveal.” Patience is Key!

See the only people who really knew I was doing this was my wife (whom I didn’t tell for months) and my Mom (I enlisted her help with the story, and some editing) and that’s about it. Part of me is scared to death to even tell anyone. It’s not that I’m afraid of failure, I think I’m more afraid of success. Which I’m sure says something deep and meaningful about my psyche, but I’ve never had any desire to delve into it.

Anyways.. now to wait for Amazon to finish