vlog 2

Vlog 2 is up, all new and exciting (well maybe)

Vlog  2 is up! So I said I was going to do it, and finally did. New You Tube Vlog is up .. this time about quarterly goals for April/May and June.



Hope you enjoy, follow, share, make fun of, laugh, and generally get engaged.

I’ll be creating another post later this week on marketing, and what worked for me on Bridgefinders, and what did not. (More did not than did, but we will get there.) Marketing is one of those things that I like most ‘indie’ authors have a bit of a hard time with. Hopefully my experiences can help. Look for that blog post Thursday/Friday time frame.



vlog 2

My first Vlog.

So I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time, but I finally got around to creating my first Vlog. My inaugural Vlog is about using Mind Mapping for your characters. I’m not an ‘outliner’ in terms of how I write for the most part, as I reference in the video. I’m what a famous author calls a ‘Gardener’, meaning I have an idea, I plant it and let it grow and change naturally. ¬†Some love the outline bit, and in truth I thought I would as well. However for me it didn’t work, and in fact I felt somewhat limited by the process.

That’s not to say I don’t have any framework. I tend to write a paragraph or two about the story, I create a timeline for it, if needed that is, and then create my character mind maps. I use a free piece of software called ‘Xmind’ that does a great job for me. But here it is, my first ever Vlog, I hope you like it! (Hint, if you do subscribe to the channel, then as I do more you’ll find out.)