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Perils of my day job

As the blog title says, my day job is being IT manager. One of the weird circumstances of my job is that EVERY time I go out of town, something happens.

I’ve had everything from the main fiber loop for the town I live in get back hoed, to email servers crash, a simple server move go horribly wrong, to most recently, an ancient sun Solaris workstation that acts as a processing station for an equally ancient nuke camera.. Blew.

There is nothing I could do to stop these things from happening, but I just find it amusing in some level that these things happen all the time when I leave town. My teams got it covered, but still.. Very strange stuff.


Add in the HR directors email vanishing, and so we continue on the path of strangeness when I go away.

Joshua Cook
Father, Husband, IT Manager, and author. Currently Working on Bridgefinders, a modern day fantasy novel.
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