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Recent Silence – Beta Readers needed!

So I have gone through another spate of not updating the blog, for various reasons.


1) Work – I have accepted a new job, but as a result, the old job hit me with 1001 different projects in the time I was still there. To the point where I was working every night to just keep up with everything that needed to get done before I left. I’m in the middle of a week break between the two jobs, and back from a small family vacation. So I should be updating more often now with the new job (Less stress, more money!)

2) CANITUS – I prioritized the free time I did have, the little of it that was available to writing. I neglected twitter, Facebook, all that, for writing. As a result, I will finish CANITUS today! And there was much rejoicing! But now I need Beta readers. I have a few who have offered, but I’d like a few more.

Rules to be a beta reader:

You promise to provide CONSTRUCTIVE USEFUL feedback, in a two week time frame. This is about story and flow. This is not about edited versions, not about the use of the oxford comma 😉

This is about overall story, flow, and structure of the story, not the manuscript. If you want to be a beta reader either contact me on twitter, or leave a comment here, on the blog.

Short update today, but more to come!




Joshua Cook
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